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Cukura street 8/16 , Liepaja , Latvia , post : LV-3411

phone +37129252010 , +37129183179


e-mail: plastssb@inbox.lv

Plasts SB Ltd is founded in year 2001 as a company with an aim to manufacture products from glass fibre.At the end of year 2011 company reorganized as Boats SB Ltd.

Producing, estimating products and according to the drawings,manufacture production models, forms,products.The company has experience in car tuning , products modeling, manufacture some mannequins, external decorative pool production.We produces complex forms for concrete pouring.

The company core business is the rowing boats, canoe boats , motorboats manufacturing.

BOATS SB Ltd details:

domicile : Dzerves street 46, Liepaja , Latvia,   postal code:LV-3411


A/S SEB bank , swift code:UNLALV2X ,

account:LV55 UNLA 0050 0176 6327 0